Preparing for Infusion


The pass 6 months have flown by! If you follow my MS series you may know that the Disease Modifying Therapy I am currently on (Rituxan) for my MS is distributed every 6 months.

As it gets closer to my infusion date, I can personally tell when my medication is wearing off .. I start to feel somewhat “off” does this happen to you also ? I’ve been noticing that my energy levels are low, i’m emotionally sensitive, I get fatigued, I lack focus, my cognitive fog is worse than usual, my speech is sometimes slurred & I miss pronounce words.

The past 2 months have been a roller-coaster & I am definitely due. Looking forward to getting out of this funk. Here are some ways I prepare for treatment day!

Tips & tricks to prepare for infusion

  • Get enough rest - this is so important, I try to rest as much as I can starting maybe 2 days prior to infusion. Rest is something we sometimes don’t get enough of.. I know I don’t. Practicing how to rest allows your body to adjust well to your infusion, you would want to be as relaxed as possible. Do what you enjoy at a minimal level.

  • Stay hydrated - Drinking a lot of water is just as important as getting enough rest! I also increase my water intake 2 days before infusion.

    • having hydrated veins makes inserting a cannula/line easier instead of being pricked multiple times.. ouch!

    • I like to think that staying hydrated makes the medication process easier. Being an IV medication it is aggressive on the body, I prefer to dilute it so that my body is able to accept the medication with ease.

  • Bring something to pass the time - I usually pack a bag with necessary items to get me through my long infusions if that is the case. Like an ipad (for Netflix), a book, small blanket & healthy snacks.

  • Mindset - I often get told when someone is nervous for treatment. Saaame here! Although I’ve gone through it several times there is still that nerve-racking feeling when it comes to medication. Because you dont know what to expect. I think it just comes naturally. But once you get started you will question that there was no need to worry after all.

    • Positivity. It is easier said than done but I feel like it is best to go into treatment with a clear mind. Displaying negative energy could possibly result in a bad infusion. I try to think positive control my stress and anxiety so that my body can tolerate medication.

    • The fear of medication side-effects scares many. But it’s safe to say that everyone is different. Don’t worry for what hasn’t occurred. EVERY MEDICATION COMES WITH SIDE EFFECTS!

How do you prepare for infusions? Comment below. I’d love to hear your tricks & tips! :)

xo, Risha