Lexus Drive on Demand


Hello Ladies & Gents!!

I would like to share with you all an awesome driving experience!! I was able to test drive my first Lexus. As a lover of vehicles I was very excited for this one.. I can’t wait until my next drive with the help of Lexus Drive on Demand.

The Lexus Drive on Demand Program allows you to test-drive any Lexus model that you are interested in test-driving that best suits your daily needs/lifestyle. Instead of going to the dealership, you are able to schedule a test-drive that is delivered straight to your door by a Lexus Driver Specialist! Convenient, hassle-free & comes with no commitments.



I scheduled a test-drive for 12pm on a Wednesday. I have currently been interested in small SUV vehicles & decided to test out the “Lexus RX350”. The test-drive was delivered right on time to the comfort of my own home by my friendly drive specialist, Shaine. The test drive was very flexible, I was able to drive this luxurious SUV to Red Rock Canyon & Casino. We were able to experience all the amazing features the RX350 has to offer. Rain (more like a sprinkle..) & shine! We also took it through terrain pavements & gravel. It was an awesome adventure! I felt very comfortable & safe in this particular vehicle.. that is one of the many factors that is important to me when it comes to car shopping. My favorite feature of the RX350 would have to be the motion accessible trunk and when on an incline you are able to press a button which holds the brake & allowing you to physically step off the brake & it would still be on! to resume you just tap the gas as if you were driving again. Soo many awesome features i would love utilizing in my everyday! Shaine took me on a great test-drive & was able to answer all of my questions regarding the Lexus RX350. I absolutely recommend giving it a go & request Shaine as your drive-specialist. You will not be disappointed! I look forward to my next drive.. the hard part is what should my next test-drive vehicle be? :)

If you are interested in Drive on Demand feel free to schedule your next appointment with my referral link:

Thank you so much Lexus/Social Doppler for this amazing opportunity! Until next time.

What model would you test drive ??

Xo, Risha