Dipwell Acrylic Nail System


I’m not very good at painting my nails but I sure know how to dip em’!!


Hey loves!!

I’m the kind of girl that enjoys getting her nails done. There’s just something about a clean fresh manicure. Don’t you agree? Along with that, I have very weak nails so usually, I prefer to get gel nails versus regular polish. But this product definitely changed the game for me! with the Dipwell Acrylic Dip System, I refuse to go back to gel manicures!

I have gotten dip powder once before & I loved how it made my nails strong & that the acrylic powder is long lasting. Something my nails need! However, I think what prevented me from getting them done again is a photo i’ve seen on the internet about the cross contamination of dipping your fingers in the same acrylic powder jar as everyone else. I just got really grossed out. Having my own personalize dip-system at home is a definite plus in my book!!



I admire Dipwells very sleek & organized packaging. They have a number of kits to select from. I currently have the Dipping Nail Professional Kit - Pick 6 Set ($69.97 value)

For my kit I chose 5 colors:

The kit contains:

  • Plastic nail sticks to test the dip-powder colors

  • 5 jars of Dipwells acrylic powder

  • Wooden cuticle & toothpick tool

  • Nail file

  • Nail buffer

  • Seal Enhancer Bond

  • Vitamin E & Calcium Base

  • Enhance Activator

  • Color Sealer

  • Brush Cleanse & Softener

    For beginners there is also a popular Dipping Nail Starter Kit - Classic Color Collection ($39.97)

How To Use

Step 1: Push back cuticles, Shape & buff nails
Step 2: Apply a coat of Bond to all fingernails
Step 3: Apply thin coast of Base to the entire nail surface, stroking towards the tip of the nail. (avoid getting product onto cuticles Powder will pick up wherever Base is applied)
Step 4: Quickly dip tip of nails at a 45 degree angle into choice of acrylic color powder coating the entire nail bed.
Step 5: Hold finger straight down & tap gently to rid of any loose color dipping powder.
Hold finger straight down & use a clean brush to lightly remove excess powder from around the nail plate & nail surface.
Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 for more coverage.
Step 7: Apply another thin coat of Base to the entire nail surface stroking out towards the tip of the nail (Avoid getting product onto cuticles. Powder will pick up wherever Base is applied)
Step 8: Quickly dip the entire nail surface into Base & Finish Essential Acrylic Powder Hold finger straight down & use a clean brush to lightly remove excess powder from around the nail plate & nail surface.
Step 9: Wait 5 minutes for nails to dry and apply a coat of Activator to harden the blend of powder & liquid. (allow 3-5 minutes for Activator to dry completely)
Step 10: When the blend of powder & liquid has hardened, file nails to desired shape. Use a drill or a coarse grit buffer to even out the preferred thickness of the nails. Use a 240 grit buffer to smooth the nail surface.
Step 11: Wash hands & nails thoroughly or use a lint free cloth to with the nail surface with alcohol.
Step 12: Apply another coat of Activator (allow 3-5 minutes for Activator to dry completely)
Step 13: Apply a coat of Sealer in quick thin strokes (allow 3-5 minutes for nails to dry & apply a second coat of Sealer.)


I have received so many compliments and questions about my nails and the Dipwell System. When using your dip system I definitely recommend watching the “how- to" videos on how to properly apply the dip powder, to get a good first-time application. Especially if it is your first time applying it yourself, like me. It will take some patience but as you go, you will learn what’s the best way for you. It did get a little messy so prepare to have a towel laid out when dipping your nails. This brings me to my minor concern is that I wish the Dipwell powder acrylic jars are a little bigger when dipping. It just taught me to be more careful but other than that, I love the fact that you can choose from a wide variety of colors and there is no UV light required!! It’s that easy!

Stay tuned for more beauty shares! :)

Xo, Risha