Hello all !


At a young age we were taught not to plagiarize, am I right? Being a blogger I feel like the number 1, most important thing I learned when it came to my blog and that needs to be set in stone depending upon the integrity of your blog is to…get your site approved. On Reeshespieces.com you will see that I have an “ABOUT ME” section in the upper right hand corner drop down with “privacy policy” & “terms and conditions” links. This will help you in the long run, by protecting your material. All of what I share is my own and if I use anything which isn’t mine… I strongly believe in giving credit to where credit is due & link the source. LET’S BE REAL. You don’t want to get caught with copyright.

I guess you can say this is a very sensitive subject for me because I have been seeing copy written content being used so freely, which isn’t cool. Sometimes it does not even pertain to me. Other times I see images with my trademarked logo being cropped out. It’s all about respect. The thing about the internet is that sources and content can be passed around so easily and get lost in translation with what is acceptable and what isn’t. I definitely recommend to take the time to protect your brand and all your hard work.


Xo, Risha