Overcoming Comfort Zones



This Lenten Season I have decided to fast from drinking coffee.. typical, I know. However, I also wanted to fast for something more meaningful to me and that will affect my life in a positive way. Along with giving up coffee I decided to fast from “staying within my comfort zone”. This past year I have gotten very comfortable in hiding and limiting myself from a lot of things let alone hindering myself from living to my full potential. All because I was afraid and felt that this past year had been taken from me since being diagnosed. I just want to get it back. Giving up my comfort zones allowed me to venture freely and more comfortably. It’s crazy to think that just by fasting from something as simple yet complex as this, that it would teach me so much in such a short period of time. So I say this with so much gratitude, without me giving up the things that scare me for Lent, I would not have conquered them without him. I owe it all to our Lord. Thank you, for all the sacrifice you have given to your people. I love you.

The past couple months really showed me a lot about myself, not only did I do it strictly because I gave it up for this season but without a doubt it came so naturally and was a rewarding feeling. I previously wrote about “finding the girl I once was” and I feel like that part of me, I am finally getting back. Not only did this experience teach me a lot but it also brought out so much realization and courage. Overcoming my fears was a very gratifying feeling. During this time I felt so much emotions: anger, sadness, disappointment as well as accomplishment and satisfaction. This is me trying to move on through life in peace. I’ve always said, i’m tired of being stuck. So here I am giving myself permission and validation to do so. Knowing me, I have always sought that in others but i’ve come to realize it’s ME that needs to love myself if no one else will. As the stubborn and caring person I am, someone recently told me to focus on who/what matters. It’s so cliché but that didn’t resonate with me until this moment that it finally clicked. It goes with saying that I had to learn this for myself…

Also, I notice I have been slipping away from blogging such as procrastinating on posts and losing a sense of what blogging truly means to me.. My hobby of blogging started back in Middle School. I created Reeshespieces with the intention of sharing what interests me and expressing myself creatively. That is how I see blogging but living in a millennial generation, I feel that blogging is no longer that. Apparently youtubers, public figures, “Instagram models” are now categorized as bloggers. I’m not hatin’ on it, it’s just not as genuine as it once was because this hobby is very meaningful to me.. it is no longer a top priority on my list at the moment.

Ahh, so with all this being said.. I’ve decided that in the meantime it is best for me to step back from Reeshespieces right now. I will still turn to this as my outlet but I will not be putting my full attention into the blog, such as planning out content. Just because Lent is over, does not mean my fast in negativity is. I’d like to take this time to work on what I feel needs to be done for me. I promise to continue to inspire and help others through my journey. However, there are times that I feel I was doing everything for everyone else and worried less about myself but don’t worry this is just a short hiatus that needs to be done. Thank youuuu guys for understanding!

I’ll catch ya around :)

Xo, Risha