Poshmark Q&A

"One man's trash is another person's treasure" - in this case, woman?

Hello Fashion folks! :) 

I just recently got back on Poshmark, I created an account a couple years ago.. but it was an app that was untouched. I decided to fully give it another try & it is my current most-used app! I have so many things just sitting in my closet, what a great way to earn money for what you no longer use. Some general questions I had myself or also for someone who may be wondering..


What is Poshmark?

  • Poshmark is a social marketplace for Fashion where people can buy and sell their items/styles. 

Is it safe to purchase from Poshmark?

  • Yes. Poshmark holds payment to seller until the buyer receives the order & has reviewed the item.
     For higher-end purchases, the qualifying item will be shipped to Poshmark headquarters to be inspected by authenticated brand experts.

Is Poshmark free?

  • To join is FREE

Selling fee's on Poshmark?

  • Depending on Sales, under $15 Poshmark takes a commission sale of $2.95 from your earnings.
    Sales of $15 or more you keep 80% of you earnings and commission is 20%

How do I get paid? 

  • After shipping your item, you wait until buyer receives items for review before the money is available. 
  • Withdraw your earnings directly through the app.
  • Redeem via bank direct deposit or request a check.
  • May also use your balance-earnings towards your own purchases on Poshmark

How do I ship an item?

  • Package up the item using only USPS Priority mailing packages/envelopes. Make sure it is clean and presentable. Download & print the shipping label for the item that is SOLD. Visit your local USPS and drop it off in the blue USPS box to be shipped & scanned for delivery. 
  • Be sure to complete the prompts that you have shipped the item. 

Shipping rates?

  • Poshmark shipping is a flat rate of $6.49 paid for by the buyer. As long as the order does not exceed 5 lbs, then there is  no additional charge.

What are bundles?  

  •  Bundles are used to purchase multiple items from a sellers closet at a discounted price along with shipping. 


How do I make sales on Poshmark?

  • Take clear and well lit photos.
  • Take photos of any damages. 
  • Be sure to provide a thorough description of item such as: material, size, color, conditions. 
  • Grow your sales quicker — Always share or re-list your items so that they can be shown fresh on the feed & the more likely someone will see the item if they wish to purchase.  

 How do I package the item?

  • Print the shipping label. 
  • Be sure to use only USPS priority mail shipping boxes/envelopes.

To make the purchase presentable for the buyer I like to package the item using tissue paper, ribbon & also by inserting a “THANK YOU” card. I also include bubble wrap for bulkier items.

  • Assemble box & secure shipping label. 
  • Drop off item to your local USPS (mailbox).  


Xo, Risha