"I'm going to create my own blog!"

Happy One Year Anniversary ReeshesPieces! 

It has already been a year since I created ReeshesPieces— Everything Bits&Pieces.. I can’t believeee it! Definitely couldn’t forget this milestone in my blogging career to finally go public with blogging. I must say I have learned so much and have grown tremendously since I have started. I’ve worked and met influencers, photographers, other bloggers in the community, collaborators, businesses, digital/social marketers, PR, affiliate and ambassador opportunities. Definitely learned so much from this industry. 

As I have mentioned before I created this blog to inspire. There has certainly been challenges along the way and some who haven’t been very supportive.. but that’s ok! It happens but without it how could you possibly grow? If you love it, keep going. I don’t have very many hobbies but I knew not to give up my passion of blogging. Hold tight, the creative juices will flow..

Thank you to those who have supported me through my blogging journey, I appreciate all the love and blogging related messages I have received.  It's amazing to have such a support system as well as from my boyfriend, who also helps me with my contents by taking photos which is what we did today to commemorate this Anniversary, we had a nice day full of errands but I thought, let's shoot new photos! (as shown above) I appreciate all his help and his discovery of ideas that I didn't even think of. 

Thank you to my blog that holds all my thoughts, ideas & learning experiences. The blog that kept me occupied with maybe one of the hardest years I've had for myself... you saved me from my sanity by keeping me busy, by putting more love and time into something I saw bigger than & personally for myself. Without this blog I wouldn't have been able to come to realize all that has been awaiting me.

Blogging has impacted me in a way where I saw overall growth within myself.. as not only a writer but a thinker, it makes me think creatively in different ways and out of my comfort zone. It exposed me to a new environment of meeting new people and like-minded individuals by building interpersonal relationships, blogging has most importantly taught me to inspire others, to discover my voice and let it not be silent. 

The most asked question I receive related to blogging is..
"I want to start a blog but I don't know where to even begin!?"

  • Great question! Because i’ve had this same question when I first started out.. first off, What do you want to base your blog on? What is your niche? That you would like to share with your audience.. I feel that this part is the most important, brainstorm your ideas. You can’t have a blog without a purpose. Find that purpose :) the rest will come.

”What website do you use?” 

  • I first started on Wordpress.com  . To be honest, I did research on my favorite blogsites/bloggers and what blogging platform they used. I’d say Wordpress is a great place to start when creating your blogsite. It is very easy to work with and design. I then made the switch of transferring my domain to Squarespace.com because I wanted a more website like blog with multiple modules. Also feel that even though Squarespace is more complicated to work, it does have more features. I do appreciate how helpful their online chat service is.

Let me know what you think of blogging & I love answering your blog questions, keep em' coming! :)  until next time..

xo, Risha