Trunk Club- First Impression


As you can see I took a small hiatus from blogging to focus on myself, while occupying my time I was able to redesign my site. Hope you enjoy it! :)

I am back with another Fashion Subscription called TrunkClub. I was a little skeptical on trying this subscription because it is a higher price range since TrunkClub is a company of Nordstroms. But do not let the prices fool you with its' high-end quality.. I was able to purchase affordable priced items thanks to my virtual stylist for accommodating my style & price range.

What is TrunkClub?

  • $25 styling fee for your virtual stylist goes towards your purchase.
  • Fashion Subscription (you are able to schedule your “trunks” whenever you would like.)
  • Virtual Stylist. —Brittany did a great job styling my trunk! 
  • You are able to link inspiration sites such as Pinterest so your virtual stylist can go through & see your pins of what styles you like.
  • 5 days to try items & return to your closest UPS or schedule a pick-up at Nordstroms.


  • I appreciate the popular brands in my trunk for affordable price.
  • Nice packaging, very sophisticated with handle. Items were packaged an organized neatly.
  • Able to communicate with your stylist through message & will show you the items chosen for your box, allowed to edit it once before it is sent to you.
  • Shipping label is provided along with adhesive tap to repackage box. Feels more secure & stable rather than using a priority shipping label. 


  • Sales tax is a lot.
  • Wish there was more variety in my trunk.



I like this top very much but when I received it, it was pretty loose on me.

I thought it was expensive for just a black tank.


When I tried this on it is the most comfortable material, I couldn't take it off!

I also like that it is burgundy & black, my workout attire needs more color.


I like the peplum style but I have a lot of  gray colored items in my wardrobe already.

Did not agree with price for an item so simple.


I like that this is simple & affordable.

Also appreciate that it is long & has a slit detail.


 I had to choose between 2 workout pants.

Felt that when I tried this on, it was a little more tight than I'd like. 

Did not agree with price.


Very soft material.

A little loose.

I like the neckline but I feel that over time the threading would fray.


Very cute, but not looking for shoes at the moment.


Love this light hoodie & the the embroidered detail is beautiful! 


I love the concept of having items sent to you where you can try them on & return the items you don't wish to purchase. My trunk arrived right on time, no complaints. Packaging is presentable & return is easy and convenient. A 5-business day window to return items is a very reasonable time-frame. The only complaint I have is the sales tax is high & Although I am a plain Jane kind of girl.. I'd like a little more color variety in my trunk. I received 2 items in my trunk that are the same color (this I would have to mention to my stylist for my future boxes). 


I ended up purshasing these 3 items for it's detail and color.

Merchandise Total: $109.50
Sales Tax: $9.03

Total: $118.53
Credit- Styling Fee: $25.00

 Charge Total: $93.53

Stay tuned for my next scheduled trunk. Can't wait to see what I will receive! 

Happy shopping!

Xo, Risha