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Do you find yourself trapped in the stress of daily living? Or what about not taking the time to step back and appreciate what’s around you? Or to even set time aside for your own well-being? & etc. My answer is... yes, yes & yes! I am a strong believer in practicing overall well-being & how greatly it affects the mind, body & soul all based on how we treat ourselves. By doing so, I try as much as possible to practice “mindfulness” & a more holistic approach as a result of turning unhealthy habits into a healthier lifestyle. 

Today on ReeshesPieces is a collaboration with LAOLA HAWAII — A business that is inspired through nature & spirituality. By conquering struggles with peace and self-love through spiritual guidance, jewelry, crystals and essential oil “potions” to enhance daily life. 

Spiritually Guided - Intuitive Empath Readings are also available to help you reconnect with your soul and get the clarity you need to navigate your life with ease, confidence and preparedness to eliminate overwhelm and welcome peace.

Effortless Beauty - Our jewelry and potions are handmade, and all products are Reiki infused with Universal Life Force so that each piece can work for it's highest and greatest good for you.

Quality is what we deliver with Love and Aloha on the side.



Meet the creator


Kimberlyn Laola Racoma is a jewelry designer, Reiki Master, Empath and Tarot Reader. Kimberlyn’s passion is to help others feel good about themselves as they navigate through life. She integrates her simplistic style with nature & Earth organically designed into beautiful imperfections. Kimberlyn incorporates personal meaning into her business, LAOLA. Meaning “A day of life” in hawaiian, which is also her middle name in which her father gave her. The same way her business and creativity has always given her life and excitement which is expressed in most accurate way her business displays. To give “ new life”, new perspective & new experience in the world.




I grew up in an environment where life was a constant struggle to survive.  Living in paradise is not cheap, and therefore, I understand what it's like to live in constant stress.  I understand what living in constant stress does to the physical body, spirit and mind, and I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel at peace in their daily life.  Not everyone is a yogi, not everyone has the luxury of comfort regarding finances.  I believe that when people feel at peace with their life and situations, then other aspects of life start to fall into place as well, creating a more well-rounded health for mind, body and spirit.


To empower people of all ages, to live happier lives, by helping to educate others on the benefits of more holistic approaches to finding peace from the stresses of daily life.


To be the resource for people to  who are looking for holistic approach to a more positive mindset by offering high quality stones, spiritual cleansing products, and guidance services.


PLENTY THANKS — Kimberlyn! for this beautiful self-care package along with the lovely note attached. Soo sweet ! I love dainty pieces that hold so much meaning such as “hope” engraved on a beautiful 14k gold necklace with the phrase “IMI OLA” to “seek best life” finding our purpose or mission in life to the highest form. Receiving this piece holds so much relevance to me and my journey, I love it! Along with a night of relaxation in the tub with a eucalyptus bath bomb and a lit soy candle (eco friendly) in the wonderful scent citrus and sage. I greatly appreciate this product because sage is soo beneficial for inflammation.

I greatly admire Kimberlyn’s strong spirit and her connection with natural healing. I enjoyed learning more about the background behind LAOLA HAWAII and all that it entails. Reading about her purpose and passion to help others all while incorporating how we manage our daily struggles, reminded me so much of myself as I work towards a sense of mindfulness in my everyday situations. Every context in her “why, mission and vision” draws a strong connection with me.

“I understand what living in constant stress does to the physical body, spirit and mind, and I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel at peace in their daily life.”

Same girl, same! This is a collaboration I enjoyed working with. I strongly stand by LAOLA HAWAII and encourage you to go check out her hand crafted jewelry, essential oil blends, crystals or even have a card picked and read by Kimberlyn.


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Xo, Risha