Sphynx Portable Razor


Are you running late & missed a spot shaving or need a quick touch-up? Sphynx is a 3-in-1 portable razor that runs wherever you go. 💁🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ You can stash Sphynx in your car, purse, gym-bag, travel carry on.. basically anywhere!

Turn the dial to find 4 convenient parts:

1️⃣A refillable water spray bottle. 2️⃣ Pre-shave bar - Also works as an after-shave moisturizer..leaving your skin feeling silky smoooooth. - Formula that will not melt  in car or sun & that does not feel sticky. - CRUELTY FREE!! 3️⃣ The first blade. - Single razor blade for easy clean up and less clogging, no need to tap in a sink like traditional multi-blade razors. Ideal for shaving on-the-go! 4️⃣ A backup blade. - In case you did not have a chance to clean the first one. - Sphynx blades are designed with safety guards that allows for sensitive or hard to reach areas.

It is not intended to replace your at home shaving routine. Sphynx is meant for those quick touch-ups so you can live more freely :)

Testimony: Sphynx portable razor has been a life-savor for me..! Without a doubt, I always end up missing a spot. This razor has been so convenient in my routine. I like to keep my Sphynx in my glove-compartment of my car or in my book bag.


💖 Visit Ulta Beauty & purchase your very own Sphynx Razor (various colors) DM, tag, or email @shopsphynx your receipt, and they'll send you a 🆓 Refill Pack. 💖

Xo, Risha