The Misconceptions of Blogging

Hi guys! As many of you do or don't know.. In April marks my ONE year since I have created Ever since I started my official blog, it really showed me who the real supporters are.. Not sure if I am preaching to the choir buuut I get it often, "Do you get paid for blogging?" or "How do you become a big-time blogger?" I occasionally hear "How's your 'blogging thing' going?" At the time I kind of took what people said to heart plus their attitudes & responses towards blogging. I felt like they were taunting me as if 'Reeshespieces' was just a silly internet diary or something.. the one thing i'd like to clarify is that I am in no ways a "pro" at this.. I am still in the process of learning but I can definitely say I've grown & learned a lot from it thus far. To have this blog, I saw growth in something for myself & it is a very satisfying feeling I needed to have at the moment..

Also, I do not plan on making this a source of income.. (Major props to those that have. Because it isn't easy..) i'd like to refer it as "something on the side" especially the fact that it is something I enjoy doing (shoot, I even thought at one point it would be 'easy', until i discovered what needed to be done) because it's something I love to do! People are under the impression that it is simple.. I have my days but it takes a lot of thought, creativity and patience. Besides, I met a lot of wonderful people who are bloggers that have a 9-5 & I think that is hold a full-time job & blog all at the same time. By working, taking care of a family, coming up with content. I want to be in that position. It's just like any regular person that has a hobby they enjoy.. whether its leisure activities or hanging out. You decide what you want to do with your time..

Which brings me as to why I started blogging in the first place... I first began blogging in middle school, on the platform Xanga & I loved expressing myself in that way.. As social media evolved, Myspace was the next big thing & I began to see interest in Photography & creating images such as banners, backgrounds & layouts. I even got into learning HTML codes. One thing i knew for sure is that I've always wanted my own website. No doubt about that. Owning an online retail business wasn't what I had in mind for a website. But instead to have my ideas& thoughts shared, whether it was read or not, paid or not. Actually, I did not see it for the money & as naive as I was starting out.. I didn't know there was paid opportunities. When people come to me for blogging tips, it is such a gratifying feeling because I am inspiring others.. my goal all along with 'ReeshesPieces' is to inspire people. & I am thankful for those who are unbiased towards bloggers & have supported me through this. Imagine, you watch videos people put out on YouTube. Look at how successful those people are.. I don't see how blogging is any different :)

Xo, Risha