* I am not able to disclose or provide any legal information. This is all from personal experience.

What is Costochondritis? Inflammation of the cartilage that attaches sternum and breastbone.

*I do not own photo
*I do not own photo

I am publishing this content because I am currently experiencing something I have not experienced before called Costochondritis & would like to spread awareness to those who may be experiencing it also..

MY STORY: I got sick the weekend of Thanksgiving 2017 and treated it with antibiotic but I had this persistent cough even after I kicked the cold. I would just cough to clear my throat but it didn't really even seem like I needed to cough (Hard to will hear a lot of this uncertainty in this blog-post. But i'm going to keep it real.) Family members and my boyfriend would always mention and ask why am I still coughing?...Idk? Then I began to think maybe my sickness was viral or bacterial.

The dull cough began to subside a few days before Christmas. But then I began to experience different symptoms, this weird tingly feeling on only the right side of my body starting from my pelvic bone. Felt as if it were like a pins and needles feeling going down my leg. Every limb I touched it didn't feel like the left side. I would try to massage or pinch every inch of the right side just so I can feel some sort of sensation. Who knew if it was muscles or nerves?

It lasted for a couple of days.. no clue if this played any relevance to the Costochondritis . But the Costcochondritis during the tingling was still faint, I didn't pay much attention to it since I had different symptoms one after the other.. but something wasn't right until it became more apparent.

Once again, right side of my body. When I woke up one morning, I felt this dull pain in my chest. It was faint but progressively became noticeable. It actually felt like something was there internally, specifically under my right breast. I was self-examining myself making sure there were no lumps. None, thank goodness! When I would try to sit up tall, pull my shoulders back I could feel this small pull or pressure in the area. & when I could pin-point exactly where the pain was located.. it was along my breast, tender to the touch almost like when you touch a bruise and it is sensitive pain. It felt like my rib was bruised. That was the only way I could best describe it..but it was definitely uncomfortable. If I moved a certain way, I could feel it. It was difficult moving in and out of bed, let alone, yawning and breathing. I couldn't take deep breaths but had to control my breathing.. because I knew where the pain was I would constantly touch the area to see if it was still present. Bad mistake. I began to Google my symptoms, another bad mistake is self-diagnosing but come to find out I was right. *Always seek medical attention*

So on New Years Eve.. way to bring in the New Year right? Hah. I went to Urgent Care, people were lined up with the flu and sinus infections. I chose to wear a mask to make sure I didn't get sick again. Buuut, I needed some peace of mind.. & had to address my questions to a healthcare professional.

COSTOCHONDRITIS is when inflammation at a joint causes chest pain. Costochondritis, may cause pain and tenderness in breast bone, pain in one or multiple ribs (which explains the bruised feeling) or pain from deep breathing & coughing. (As I had mentioned in earlier parts.. I had a persistent cough from when I was sick that never seemed to go away.) the tender pain affects the chest and ribcage region. Costochondritis can also mimic the feeling of a heart attack, some cases mild or severe. I also read that emotional stress can play a part but the good news is that Costochondritis is a harmless condition that goes away on its own.

HOW DID I GET COSTOCHONDRITIS? It comes unexpectedly from Exercise. Excessive use of arms/upper body (I couldn't relate) but as I looked up more information, it can be caused by coughing episodes and brings trauma to the chest area (I can definitely relate, due to my persistent cough).

HOW LONG WILL THIS UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING LAST? Short-term, it can last days or possibly weeks.

TREATMENTS: Heat-pack. Anti-steroidal inflammatory drug (NSAID). Do not over-work upper body and control movement in the areas that are experiencing pain. *Seek medical attention to best diagnosis*


If you face Costochondritis. What are your experiences with it? Leave a comment.

Xo, Risha