Stitch Fix -- December Box

Hi everyone! My December Stitch Fix subscription box arrived on Monday & once again I did an un-boxing of the items I received.  I had to do it fairly quickly because I only have a 3 day window to return the items & the following days were a booked schedule for me. If you are unfamiliar with last months subscription box (click this link) the reason why I decided to give Stitch Fix another chance was because I wanted to see if the changes I have made to my style profile and future orders was heard. I wanted to make sure my requests were delivered and that the product of Stitch Fix is true.


I really loved this item along with the detailed front and neck choker. However, I did notice that when I tried it on.. my sleeves were very long, longer than the actual length of my blouse itself. Untitled2

This is a cute sheer blouse. But my only complaint is that I already received, let alone purchased something plaid in my last box. The fact that I had a repeat of pattern in my box is a little disappointing, but made my decision making easy.


I absolutely love this piece. Incredibly soft material. I also like the thermal detail at the bottom of the sweater, it is light and comfy. This was on the keep-list!


These pair of leggings are so soft and lined with fleece! I love thick and good quality fabric. Another one added to my keep-list.


Again, another item that is similar to one that is already in my box. I do love this style and material but this particular item was not as soft as the grey one. I appreciate that it is purple but not something I am looking for at the moment.. I mentioned in my profile that I like the colors plum or deep purple. This one is a little too bright for my liking.

Based on this months package.. I would have to say that they partially listened to my request. I am more interested in items in this box than the previous one. They listened to my price adjustment, my request for leggings and not jeans. However, I did receive repetitive patterns and similar sweaters. I would have to say Stitch Fix is really a hit or miss, I love the concept of it. But orders seem to be inconsistent to the buyers request. Which leads me to put Stitch Fix on a hold and refrain from monthly subscription. I've decided to only schedule fixes on demand, in the meantime.

For this months box I decided to check-out with:

Styling fee–purchase credit: -$20.00 Total: $ 62.00

Xo, Risha