Good Day Chocolate

It is always a Good Day for Chocolate!

I try my best to make healthier choices for myself and stick with better alternatives of consumption when it comes to grocery shopping. I was ecstatic to find these on shelves of my local Whole Foods grocery store. I have heard nothing but positive things about Good Day Chocolate and could not wait to try them! Not only are they yummy but they work!

What is Good Day Chocolate? you might ask.. Well, they are delectable candy-coated chocolate supplement pieces. Similar to M&M's but without the guilt. They are packed with benefits your taste-buds wouldn't even know what hit them! My initial reaction is Wow! whoever founded this is a genius! Everyone love's chocolate, however it is considered to be so good that it's bad...

The process all started in 2010 by Dr. Andy Goldman who first started creating lollipops with functional medicine. Which all lead to the creation of a dietary chocolate treat four years later. Good Day Chocolate was then born! There are different kinds of common challenges in daily life that can be aided by the right supplements of chocolate with benefits; for Energy, Sleep and Calm. Along with Vitamin D3, Turmeric & newly released... Probiotic!

Good Day Chocolate uses pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals that are responsibly sourced and independently verified for potency THREE times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure its' advertisement is correct.

These treats are customizable and uses the highest quality of dark and milk chocolate. Because each piece of chocolate contains a specific amount of supplement inside. You have the flexibility  to control doses by taking only what you need and save the rest later in the convenient resealable box.

Perfect little snack to get you on the right track for this upcoming new year! I'd have to say that this product really does the trick.. they are all so good and beneficial but my favorite would have to be 'sleep' because who doesn't love some chocolate before bedtime?


The best part I couldn't wait to share is ..Good Day Chocolate was so kind to let me collaborate with them and host a HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!! Please visit my Instagram page. Rules may apply.

To enter: 1. Follow me (  & Good Day Chocolate ( on Instagram. 2. Comment a ❤️ & tag 2 people who would be interested in 'chocolate with benefits' Two winners will be announced on December 20th @5pm PST

Have a safe holiday season & good luck ! :)

Xo, Risha