Stitch Fix - First Impression

Hi Guys! :)

I wanted to share with you all a brand that I just recently discovered from another fellow blogger, Katie ( I decided to give Stitch Fix a try for a month & see how it goes. The great part is, it doesn't have to be a subscription if you choose it not to be. I received my Stitch Fix package on a Friday & decided to share my un-boxing/ first-impression by going LIVE! I have heard of other brands similar to Stitch Fix such as a Nordstrom brand called Trunk Club, but I knew the price value was definitely going to be high-end so i decided to start off with something maybe less expensive.. Nonetheless, I thought this would be a fun and interesting experience to have someone pre-pick items for you to try.

Thank you, to all those who have tuned in & participated in the poll. 

What is Stitch Fix?


Stitch Fix is more along the lines of having your own personal but virtual stylist for $20 that will choose 5 items of merchandise for you to try based on your style profile. You pay for whatever item you do want & the rest you send back. Easy & convenient enough, right? Not only is this for Women, but they also have Stitch Fix for Men, Petite, Plus Size & Maternity.

 Thank you to Kimberly, my virtual stylist for styling my November Stitch Fix Box.

STEP 1: - You would set up a Stitch Fix account & fill out a style questionnaire for your profile based upon what your style is or what kind of style you would like to try.. Keep in mind the questionnaire is very specific & your style profile will be updated based upon your order. - If you have a Pinterest account, link the URL to your Pinterest that way your stylist can further assist you from the sources you added. This will help your stylist choose the perfect styles for you, just by looking at your "Fashion" boards or re-pins.

STEP 2: - Request a delivery & have 5 pieces delivered to your door. - You can edit your shipment orders to come: every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month or every three months! Cancel whenever you want, no cancellation fees. - If you purchase all 5 items in your box is is an additional 25% off.

STEP 3: - You purchase what you like & send back what you don't want. (No shipping fee) - I would advise to try on all merchandise. - Included in your package is your merchandise, style card/price card & a BIGGGG priority mail envelope. I appreciate that they give your shipping material and have the shipping label already taken care of!

Contents of package:

For the month of November, I received the following items of clothing.. I mentioned in my comments for my stylist, that I would love to receive sweaters. I especially have been into turtle necks lately & fall colors such as: deep forest greens, plums, burgundy and burnt orange.)


ITEM 1:  Cotton Emporium- "Athalia Cardigan" Size Medium ($46.00) Thoughts: I love this cardigan! The fabric material is thick and of great quality. However, I had to narrow this particular item down because I currently have a  lot of grey cardigans/sweaters in my wardrobe.

ITEM 2: Octavia- "Tina Check Infinity Scarf" ($34.00) Thoughts: I think this is cute but doesn't fit my style. I feel like this item was outdated for me, checkered pattern was more around year 2000's. Almost reminds me of High School- Sadie Hawkins. Also, not my taste in colors.

ITEM 3: Skies are Blue- "Maguire Elbow Patch Top" Size Medium ($58.00) Thoughts: I love this flannel top, I don't have anything like this in my closet plus I especially like the elbow detail on the sleeve. Coincidentally, I just bought booties that color. This was on my "keep" list.

ITEM 4: Sneak Peek-"Derek Frayed Stepped Hem Distressed Skinny Jean" Size 8 ($68.00) Thoughts: These jeans are so comfortable, when i tried them on.. it felt like they were already mine! I love that they are ripped jeans & have fraying detail at the ankle. It was on my "keep" list but I did not agree or am I willing to pay $68 ($48) for a pair of jeans.

ITEM 5: 41 Hawthorn-"Sharon Thumb Hole Detail Pullover" Size Medium ($78.00) Thoughts: I also really liked this one! I asked for a turtle-neck & they listened! I'm not too crazy about the thumb-hole. Great and thick material. What got me, is that the price is definitely too high.

SubTotal: $ 284.00 - 25% Discount on all 5 items: -$71.00 - Styling fee--purchase credit: -$20.00 Total: $193.00

CHECK OUT: - When you receive your box, you will check out online by accessing your Stitch Fix dashboard. - You will go through each item answering a few questions or leaving comments about the items you received. You simply mark, "Return", "Exchange" or "Keep" for each piece of merchandise. Also, mention any feedback you may have.. if it was too tight or loose, fits just right? or average? - Package up your returns & pay for what you want to keep. This is a very easy way to let them know exactly what items they should be expecting back.

PROS: - Feel free to update your profile/orders based upon the boxes you receive. - You can request certain items you would like or don't want in the comments of your next shipment. It doesn't always have to be the same. - The $20 you pay for Stitch Fix will go toward your virtual stylist as credit (Ex: If you would like to purchase an item that is $30, your $20 credit will be counted to that one particular item & you would just pay the $10 difference, plus tax.) - By referring a friend you can get $25 in credit, towards your account. & have a friend try Stitch Fix, risk free.

CONS: - If you don't like the 5 items that were sent to you, I would highly encourage purchasing at least one item and just re-gift it. That way your $20 credit from the styling fee doesn't go to waste. But the choice is completely up to you! - There is a 3-day window to you return your items. Which i feel is not enough time, maybe at least 5 business days would be best.

REVIEW: I really like the concept of Stitch Fix. Everything is very convenient and packaged neatly. However, there are some pro's and con's that I have experienced with Stitch Fix. I did receive two articles of clothing that were the same color, which i thought was strange. I'd appreciate a more variety of colors to choose from, same colors definitely made my decision making difficult. So i decided to not choose from the two. Also, I have lots of grey cardigans at the moment. Next, would definitely be the designer prices I was offered . When i was LIVE I had many questions from followers about more affordable prices.. looking at my style profile I chose "the cheaper, the better " option. But, it was still on the pricey side. I was more taken by the $20 value, but of course when you purchase something to keep at a set price. It does add up. Although, I first chose to try one month of Stitch Fix..I decided to add on another month & address the following down below for my next order.. I would like to see if they pay close attention to my requests and from there I can fully decide if i am satisfied with Stitch Fix. However, i decided to go with purchasing... the "Skies are Blue- "Maguire Elbow Patch Top" Size Medium" which came out to be $42.79 including tax.

Stay tuned for December's Stitch Fix un-boxing, to see what I received..

- I would greatly appreciate if we can focus on a more affordable price range as much as possible (between $25-50) That way I would be more willing to purchase more than one item. - Id prefer to receive leggings, not jeans. - More color variety, last box I had 2 sweaters of the same color. - Do not need accessories or shoes. - Id like shirts, sweaters or hoodies. - Please check my Pinterest for more fashion styles I like.

If you are interested in Stitch Fix, here is my referral link to try Stitch Fix risk-free:


Let me know your feedback & what you think of this brand :)

Happy Shopping! <3

Xo, Risha