Nevada Day

It has been a difficult October & it is slowly winding down.. Just because several weeks have past since "1 October" we must not forget what has happened to our city. This is an event that has changed Las Vegas drastically, I do not think this city will ever be the same. But we will recover! It will take a lot of time & patience. They are still undergoing investigations to get to the bottom of all the madness. Trying to make Vegas BETTER than what it once was. I feel that our city has shown so much strength from all that has happened this month... It is so ironic that the tragedy that happened at the beginning of October also falls on the same end of the month as Nevada Day. Let's take the time to reflect & pay our respects to those we have lost in 1 October, to the victims & those who provided their services. Let's celebrate this Nevada Day and every history of Nevada Day to come, as a reminder that we are #VegasStrong!! Although; I am currently out of state this Nevada Day weekend, I wanted to dedicate this blog post to Las Vegas and Nevada in general. Today is a day where I am proud to be out of town while still representing my city <3

Xo, Risha