Happy Friday everyone! In my spare time I enjoy looking up motivational & lifestyle quotes. So I decided to post blog entries sharing quotes that I find an interpret them in my own words. I won't go over it in great detail because there are a lot of quotes that I stumble upon with the same message.


Self-love, this is a feeling of emotion that we sometimes stray away from. We live in a world where self-love has diminished value. Many of us tend to put others before ourselves. It is not a bad thing to do at all, it is a self-less act. However, it can be selfish towards yourself, in terms that you love others more than you love yourself. Don't let there be a love deficit you wish to fill through someone else, whether it be family or friends that you forget to love yourself. Put yourself first sometimes, it is not selfish. It's a life-style. Be able to take care of yourself first before you are willing to take care of others. Because at the end of the day, only you deserve the love you wish to fully have. 

This is a reminder to LOVE YOURSELF & all days to come.  ☺️❤️ 

Xo, Risha 

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