Oh, Canada...

DSCN0372 (2) So with Canada's Independence Day being a week ago (July 1) I decided to share a travel  that my family took to Vancouver, Canada in July of 2014. We rented a car in Seattle, WA & drove up to Vancouver. We then took a ferry to Victoria to visit Butchart Gardens. So beautiful & green. Very different from Las Vegas, I have even considered the thought of living in Canada. Many places close at 7pm compared to a city that is open 24 hours. I definitely reflected on that trip & came to the conclusion that we are SPOILED.. we live in a town that is so accessible. Out there we had a hard time finding dinner places open, we ended up eating at Burger King down the street from our hotel. A Burger King with Poutine!? I can no doubt, live off of that. Yum! Would love to visit Canada again someday, maybe Toronto? :)


Safe Travels.

Xo, Risha