Delicious food to fit your lifestyle.

DSCN2416aThis dinning experience is a little more unique rather than your typical outing. Panacea is a very popular, newly opened, rustic plant- based restaurant located in Summerlin's Boca Park in Las Vegas, NV. Uses only the best quality ingredients & delicious flavors that compliment every dish. The décor is beautiful and modernized with a touch of urban feel. You won't find another place like this in the Valley.

  • Kombucha on tap
  • Mocktails
    • Created by their talented mixologists.
  • Delicious smoothies
  • Dishes are complimented with color and taste
    • Bowls and salads
  • Healthy desserts
  • . . .More items will be coming soon to the menu.


Here we have the Ultimate Burger (2 Patties, iceberg lettuce, caramelized onions, dill pickles, chipotle ketchup, ginger mustard) + cheese with a side salad, I chose to feature this meal because it is one of the most popular on the menu & I can see why! Since this is a plant based establishment, no meat is used for their burger. Instead, it is 2 patties of quinoa. Very delicious and crispy, just right. Tasted like an actual burger! You wouldn't even think it was healthy for you. Since it is quinoa, it fell apart easily at the end.

Grabbed a Truffle-Pistachio Lemon (Medjool dates, lemon zest, cashews, pistachios, lucuma). Full of flavor & you can distinctly taste all ingredients.

Also ordered a The Great Turning smoothie (Mint leaves, dates, avocado, coconut oil, spinach, dandelion, mint essential oil, cocoa nibs and coffee beans) I loved this one, very similar to mint-chocolate chip. Almost like a guilt-free shake.

Overall, I enjoyed the lunch and atmosphere of Panacea. The service was beyond excellent. So helpful and informative as they took me through their menu while ordering. For the experience it is worth checking-out but I honestly do not see myself coming often. But of course, it is the price you pay for healthy eating/living. Everything is great, but the price is too expensive for me to eat here all the time. I would drop by for some quick dessert or a wellness drink on occasion.

If you visit Panacea, let me know what your experience is like. Happy Eating! :)

Xo, Risha