Dance with My Father

Dad is a son's first hero & a daughter's first love.

"Dance with My Father"- Luther Vandross

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One of my favorite photos of me & my dad :) I love you dad, for all that you are & for all that you do. IMG_6336

I dedicated a Mother's Day blog to all the mama's & with Father's Day approaching (June, 18) of course i had to do one for  all the papa's out there!

Soo i'd have to say it's a challenge shopping for men's gifts, well for me it is.. Especially when you aren't sure what to get. Can't exactly go with your traditional flowers and candy in this case.. but I always say, it's the thought that always counts.

Do something dad likes to do, dedicate a day to him. Have it be meaningful and from the heart.

  • If he wants to watch sports all day, let him! & do not disturb lol
  • Dinner/spending time with the family.
  • Movies.
  • Driving range.
  • Anything sports related.
  • Electronics.
  • Tools.
  • What are some of his favorite things to do?  :)

Here are also some online Father's Day Sales I wanted to share with you all !

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Happy early Father's Day! Hope you all have a safe & blessed one :)

Xo, Risha