Great American Foodie Fest 2017


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Now, this is an event that I always look forward to! The Annual Foodie Fest was this past weekend April 27-30 at Sunset Station Casino located in Henderson, NV. A whole weekend full of food trucks from all over the US. ūüėč Soo much good food it's difficult to keep up..

Foodie Fest is one of the largest food festivals on the West Coast (Las Vegas, San Diego & Arizona). Over 50 of the Nation’s top food trucks & specialty vendors that have made their appearance on the Food Network, Cooking Channel & Travel Channel. Attractions:

  • Beer garden
  • Live entertainment
  • Carnival rides & games . . .plus so much MORE!

The festival was about a 45 minute drive for me & I was able to make it out 2 out of the 4 days. We had pre-ordered our tickets online $2.00 off & came out to be $8 and $10 at the door for general admission. Great thing is, the wristbands/ticket allows re-entry for all 4 days! Take advantage, you won't regret it!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some shots I took at the festival of the various vendors/trucks we visited. Be prepared to eat with your eyes!

0-5 rating scale. Click 1st photo to be directed to their website.


First truck, I¬†had to go to is the Main Lobster Lady from Maine¬†to get my warm buttered lobster roll. I look forward to their visit. The quality of their lobster is superb, it is pricey but to me, well worth it. This is exactly¬†how I like my lobster rolls; chunks of lobster meat, butter & light mayo! Came here twice & i'm giving¬†this a¬†5 for each visit! SAM_2862aSAM_2863aCousins Maine Lobster truck¬†is a franchise in Las Vegas always on the go, click image to see their schedule. Rolled Ice Cream is a local business¬†located on Ft. Apache & Flamingo, lines are out the door for this place.. it's that good its hard to resist even in 40¬ļ¬†weather.


Okamoto Kitchen is a truck that serves authentic, lesser known Japanese dishes. Above is "Nom Bomb Burger" with no¬†jalape√Īos. ¬†On a¬†5 scale I would rate it a¬†3 bread was delicious & chicken was light, it was just "good" to me.


Los Angeles based sushi burrito truck. I knew I had to get a sushi burrito & came here to order the "Shrimp Fiesta" (crab meat, avocado, cucumber with shrimp tempura on soy paper) I'd give my order a 5. It was the next best place I enjoyed asides from my lobster roll.

SAM_2878aSAM_2873aThis lemonade was our savior, especially since it was soo soo hot! Save $2 off re-fill was well worth it, I think we got 5 refills between the two days we came. We are big fans of the orange & strawberry flavor. I had also brought water but I love this lemonade.


Filipino Fusion Kitchen, they are popular for taking a Filipino dish & making into a burrito/tacos. Above is the "Chicken Adobo Burrito" which I would rate a 3. I understand when comparing Filipino food, 'everyone's taste different' & the rice was a little hard. I had also gotten the "Ube Champorrado" a Filipino porridge/dessert that I would rate it a 2, not what I expected it was very watery. Almost like drinking taro milk tea with rice & nata de coco jelly.

SAM_2884aSAM_2882aFuku-Burger is another local food truck business that has been very successful all over the valley. They also had a restaurant at the Linq & are soon to relocate. I remember when they first started, parked across Chinatown on Spring Mt. The owners are down-to-Earth & I always looked forward to "Jazz fries" which is the image above. Their burgers are also great but I wanted something light. Id give my order a 4, it was all delicious except I felt that my fries were seasoned a bit too much, it was a little salty with the gravy. The crack sauce, does the trick! If you visit here don't forget to TIP JELLLAAY!


Hand-crafted juicery is very fresh, last year I tried their watermelon frost which is very refreshing! This year I stuck with the old-fashion classic, "Arnold Palmer"  I like lemonade and ice tea/sweet tea. It was a bit sour but you can't taste the agave too much since it is organic :) I'm just glad it isn't loaded with sugar! (Fun Tip: Did you know a Tiger Woods is PINK lemonade & ice tea? -- a golf reference, hah.)

SAM_2892aSAM_2886aBy the looks of their line, you automatically think this place is good! It is a long skewer of Cajun shrimp. What I liked that it was already peeled but the spice really catches you by surprise. I wish they could ask what spice level you wanted. I would give this a 3 out of 5.


Roasted Corn, your typical "elote" stand with a twist! I wanted something simple but instead I got something bold. I ordered the "Uni-CORN" which was butter/ mayo & colored parmesan cheese. Very cute concept. They also have other kinds such as: Doritos or Flaming Hot Cheetos. I would rate this a 4. The corn was delicious but I would have still been happy even if it wasn't colored, it stained my teeth due to the food coloring.

SAM_2943aSAM_2885aLocated in San Diego, CA. Their food looks all so good but again, I wanted something small so I got the Ahi-tuna poke with wonton chips, I would rate this a 3. It was good but presentation was just ok & I wish they had added more sauce.


Last but not least, dessert! Located in Huntington, CA. Fluff ice has a create your own & a pre-set all looks so yummy! Here, we got the "Mango Madness" (Mango fluff ice cream with mango plus jelly & condense milk) rate this a 5. It was so good! Just learned that they are also opening one in Las Vegas very soon!

SAM_2940aHawaiian Shave Ice, above is "Blue Vanilla & Tigers Blood (strawberry & coconut) shave ice"-- can't go wrong with shave ice on a hot day!

Other vendors we had wished we got the chance to try:

Buuut, we'll be back.. until next year :)

Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Xo, Risha