Don't Sweat It.

IMG_7593a Summer is quickly approaching! & after living in Vegas for 16 yrs+ I don't think I will ever get used to Vegas' treacherous Summers... How i've learned to adapt, is to do errands early in the AM or evenings, when the sun is going down. Of course, stay indoors! & pray that your air conditioner doesn't break, lol. Which brings me to...deodorant. It is important for proper hygiene. Sadly, some don't make it a habit enough to use it daily & not just in the Summer.

I had several issues with different brands of deodorants, I've tried every kind of drugstore brand: Secret, Dove, Degree. Neither of these deodorant brands convinced me that "it was doing the job for me."  The wear didn't last very long, or it has a funky scent (deodorant smell trying to cover up B.O. but doesn't mask it enough..) but worst of all I began to get ingrown hairs on my underarms & man, do those hurt! (T.M.I.-- I apologize).

On Instagram, I stumbled upon an image of deodorant listing important facts to take-in mind. Come to my disbelief, aluminum is a chemical used in deodorants along with other harsh chemicals that have dangerous effects. Whaaaat?! Instantly I thought this can be a definite cause of my ingrown hairs. I started researching aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants, come to find it is the most active ingredient in deodorants...

  • Aluminum blocks sweat glands, keeping sweat unable to reach the skin's surface. (Exactly what it should do...but overall message, it's harmful.)
  • Scientific research showed that aluminum can be absorbed by the skin which can show changes in estrogen levels.
    • Aluminum found in Estrogen can promote growth in cancer & non-cancerous breast cells.
    • Is believed to be linked to causing breast cancer.


  • "In 2003, European Journal of Cancer Prevention interviewed women with breast cancer about their past used deodorants.
    • Women who applied deodorant at least twice a week and shaved their armpits at least three times a week developed breast cancer almost 15 years younger than women who did neither.
  • The World Health Organization has linked aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease. Abnormal accumulation of aluminum has been found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.
    • When aluminum is injected into the brains of laboratory animals, the animals develop a neurological disease similar to Alzheimer’s."*[Read more from my source Natural Cosmetic News]

How can it be prevented? Look into products that are chemical free :) & GO GREEN! Since discovering about this unhealthy issue. I purchased various natural deodorants & here are 2 particular ones that "does the job for me" ..


Tarte's- Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant

  • It is Vegan!
  • Aluminum, alcohol, soy & gluten FREE.
  • Made with natural plant starches & aloe.
  • Retails: $14
    • Pros: It smells divine for being natural.
    • Cons: It is a solid stick (does not go on clear), only scent available at the moment.

Tarte Cosmetics had just recently released their new skincare line. Click the image to visit their site & learn more about "Clean Queen" & other make-up products.

Deo_PureVanilla_2oz_1024x1024The Healthy Deodorant- LaVanila

  • It's Vegan!
  • No Aluminum. No Paraben. No Propylene Glycol. No Harsh Chemicals.
  • Nourishes with antioxidants...great for sensitive skin
  • Retails: $14
    • Pros: Long-lasting, they have various scents (I currently use pure vanilla)
      • Grapefruit vanilla
      • Vanilla coconut
      • Fresh vanilla lemon
      • Vanilla lavender
      • Vanilla passion fruit
      • Vanilla blackberry
    • Cons: The scent it a little too pungent for me, but bearable. I'd like to try their other scents since plain vanilla can be diversely formulated. It is a solid stick.

Not only do they have deodorant but fragrances as well. Check out the image to be sent to their site to get more information on their natural products.

Xo, Risha