Meet The Author


Hello 😊 I'm Risha (pronunciation: Ree-sha). You may have stumbled across my blog site wondering... 

Why blog?
Growing up I've composed & blogged on other sites such as (Xanga, Tumblr and BlogSpot) But this time I wanted to make my ideas and thoughts known. I enjoy blogging, I consider it as a therapeutic outlet for me to just surf the internet and be expressive. From blogging I began to challenge myself..these blog sites allowed me to create and design my "page". I paid attention to detail and creativity. I then found an interest in HTML and in creating images or banners on my Windows '98 software (talk about dial-up internet days, when Wi-Fi had yet to exist), "paint" program. I was interested in learning about Adobe Photoshop. You can say blogging has been a long-time hobby of mine, so I do it because I enjoy it :)

Why did you create this blog and what is it about?
Good Question. It's because i'm too shy for Youtube...Hah! Just kidding. I've been a reader of many blogs and was just simply inspired. I decided to create one all on a whim, with no intention of assigning a specific theme or topic. I always knew I wanted to create my own website one day...I had all these thoughts and ideas I would like to share but was unsure of where to even begin! All different topics, it was difficult to base my platform on just one thing. I began to brainstorm where my ideas lie and if they shared any relation. Not at all, I'm as random as they come...Which is why I chose to focus my blog on a little bit of EVERYTHING! A lifestyle blogger.

Some things that I am passionate about & enjoy or to even share my own personal experiences that I believe is worth sharing with my audience.

*Disclaimer: Please take my posts  with a grain of salt. I am not a professional/ have the expertise, nor a am I licensed to provide any lawful information.

Why "Reeshes Pieces" ?
I wanted to come up with something unique, creative and meaningful. In fact, this is a user name I use for other accounts but it all started in High School. I got the nick-name Risha. From Risha it went "Reesh" I had one friend in particular who was the only one who called me "Reeshes Peeshes" Is it a coincidence that my favorite chocolate at the time was Reeces-Pieces? The rest was history! Which brings me to how I created my tag-line & as I mentioned earlier, I will post about various things.. "bits & pieces of everything". ❤️

Happy reading!

Xo, Risha